What Army Recruiting Is Like

What Army Recruiting Is Like

If you are in the Army, there might come a point when you will be scheduled to work in army recruiting. This would be when you live in a community and your job is to get people to join the Army. It would be a hard job but could be very worthwhile to someone who really enjoys the Military life.

The first thing you should know about it is that sometimes you get to pick where you want to live when you are doing the recruiting. A lot of people decide to move back home or as close to home as they can get. It can help with the long hours especially if you have a family and it would be nice to be home for a few years in the middle of your Military career.

After you find out where you are going you will want to get your family prepared. When you do army recruiting you will be working a lot of long hours. It is important to remember that. Although you will not be going overseas you will not have a lot of free time to be with your family.

If you and your spouse can talk that over, it will make your time as a recruiter a little easier. You won’t have different expectations and you can be on the same page. This is very important for anyone to do no matter what job they have.

As a recruiter you will be required to meet with people who might want to join the Military. They would sit down with you and you would go over any of their concerns, answer their questions and help them see that they should sign up. It can be stressful because you want to sign up as many people as you can and not everyone is going to say yes.

It would be important that you know as much as you can about the Army, the steps to join and what it is like. That way you can talk to the people who are interested in it and can answer all of their questions. It is a good idea to make sure you know what they might ask and be prepared to talk with them about their concerns.

You will also go out into the community and try to bring people in. You might set up at fairs, schools or anywhere people might be. It can be overwhelming to think about doing that but it is one of the best ways to bring people in. You can’t expect that everyone is going to just walk in the door.

Remember to do your best and try to explain the Army to anyone who will listen. Make sure you know what you should know to be able to answer questions. Don’t lie to people, they will find out you did and that won’t be good. Do the best that you can and you will be able to have a good experience as a recruiter.

Recruiting Tips That Really Work

Recruiting Tips That Really Work

If you’re looking for some tips and advice for recruiting, then this guide was written for you. In particular, you’re about to learn several recruiting tips that’ll help you pick the perfect candidate – regardless of the role that’s up for grabs. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be excited to get out there and find some great new employees – so let’s get straight to it.

Tip 1 – Involve your employees

One of the smartest ways to go about the process of recruiting is to involve the staff who are already working for the company. Not only is this a great way to see how people are likely to get on when they’re spending a lot of time together in a work environment, but it also means you’ll get key ‘insider’ information from your current employees, who will often have great insights to contribute if you let them join in with the process.

Tip 2 – Focus on people, not skills

While the skills, qualifications and credentials are always going to be vital to the hiring and recruiting process, you should never focus on these things to the exclusion of seeing the person behind the resume. Often, the best employee for a company won’t be the person who seems the best on paper – but it’ll be the person who has a real passion and enthusiasm for the trade, as well as the right attitude to propel them from success to success within your company.

What’s more, softer skills such as getting along with a team, making good leadership decisions, and fantastic work discipline will make a seemingly ‘lesser skilled’ person stand out from the crowd.

Tip 3 – Leverage your network

If you’re looking for new employees, then it makes sense to mine your own network of contacts first, before you start looking further afield. Often, the best candidate can be right under your nose – or they could be a friend of a friend, or a friend of a current employee. If you put the word out that you’re hiring, you may be surprised to see who may surface.

Of course, the most enthusiastic and motivated employees will be tenaciously working to find the ideal job for them anyway – so if you make your vacant role appear fulfilling and rewarding, you may find the perfect employee will make themselves known to you sooner than you think.

Additionally, tapping your own network first means you may find the right person before you have to pay for advertising or agencies to do the hiring work for you. As such, it’s always worth starting closer to home before venturing further afield.

Tip 4 – When you find the right person, hire them!

When you’ve invested a lot of time or money into finding the right employee, it can often make you search for longer than you really need to. If you ever come across the perfect employee, then don’t hem and haw about the hiring process – just often them the job and let them hit the ground running.

If you find someone who has the relevant experience and qualifications, combined with the right attitude and experience within a similar company culture – then you’d be crazy not to hire them straight away, even if they’re the very first person who shows up to the interview! If you follow these recruiting tips, then you’re sure to find the perfect candidate sooner than you think.

Strategies For Recruitment

Recruitment strategies

In the current job market, you will have to do something differently from the normal sifting through huge stacks of resume – or if you want to reach to get your dream candidates who already have a job elsewhere. This is why many companies have embraced creative recruiting when looking for people to fill certain positions. The traditional ways of recruiting has become less efficient and the chances of finding the right person are slim. The best way to recruit is by using a executive search firm, who will take all the pain out of recruitment.

You will need to go the extra mile if you want to get the ideal hires. Below are some of the recruitment strategies that you can put in place to achieve this.
Use self-selection to find candidates who are really interested

This is a good way to separate the wheat from the chaff. You should add a layer between the resume submission and the one-on-one interview. One option is inviting all the applicant to an open group event like an Open House. You might be surprised to find only a third of the applicant showing up. This will have simplified the process and make the selection much easier. This strategy will also enable you to see how people interact in groups.
Arrange group interaction

Having the potential candidates in a group setting is a great way to see their character, working knowledge, level of interest, and communication skills. The process will also help you see if the potential employees are a good fit with your corporate culture. There are different ways you can conduct interactive interviews, but inviting select candidate where you and current employees can engage with them is the best.

Handpick your dream candidates and show them you want them
Passive candidates (people who are currently employed and are not actively hunting for a job) are the most likely to be our dream hires, but you won’t be able to attract them until you let them know how much you want them. Reaching them in a personal manner will highly demonstrate your willingness to go out of your way to get them.
Attend events that are NOT job fairs

Many job fairs won’t do much for you since the best candidates most probably have a job. So it is wise to look for great talent in places that are not traditionally recruiting-related. Go to forums and events that are likely to be attended by people who work in positions you want to fill. If you are looking for a graphic designer, go to a graphic design-focused meet up in the area and look for potential candidates. You already know they are passionate about their field.
Make use of social networking sites

Instead of going through the hundreds of resumes, take the search into your own hands. There are many different tools that can be used to learn more about the candidates you are looking for.
Past candidates

Former rejections can be great hires now. In the past, there might be a reason why you did not pick them. If you think they are qualified for this position, it won’t hurt to contact them and see if they are interested.

There are many recruitment strategies that you can use, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you.

Tips For Maximizing Recruitment Process

Tips For Maximizing Recruitment Process

Is it time to bring in more talent? Do you want to be able to get the best of the best in town and want to ensure the recruitment process is as easy as you would like for it to be? If that is the case, you are going to need to know a few of the key tips that have bene used in recent times to see results. Those who use the tips listed here are going to be well on their way to finding the best of the best right away.

Simple Application Process Is Imperative

It is important to make sure after the candidate has become interested in the job to simplify the application process. There are so many examples of businesses who go overboard with the requirements in place to get a job with them and that is not worth it.

Unless you have major demand for the position and people are tossing themselves at the application process, it is critical to simplify everything in the long-term. This is the only way to ensure they are going to go through with the application and are not going to quit halfway.

Accurate Job Listings A Must

The recruitment process is tough, but you are only going to be making it harder when you are not putting up accurate job listings. These are key because that is the first thing a candidate is going to get to read. They are going to judge everything about the role and if they don’t get a good feel about the job, they are going to move onto something else.

This is critical and assuming they are going to love the job is a risk that should not be taken and those who do go down this path are risking everything and that is not smart at all.

Consider Social Media Platforms

Yes, it is time to move ahead and start looking at other recruitment options that get the job done and are effective in the long-term. Platforms such as LinkedIn are great when it comes to recruiting the brightest talent and those who don’t make the most of this are going to miss out in the long-term.

There is no need to stick to one type of recruiting as those who spread out are going to get out in front of the rest of their competition as needed.

There are so many businesses who are continually losing out when it comes to the bright talent in their area simply because they are not using these tips. These simple tips have to be put into use as soon as possible because they are going to drive in the results that you want and they are going to make sure you are going in the right direction as needed. This is the only way to make sure you are going with the best employees who are going to prove to be great in the short and long-term as required.